Project Name
Tamar Valley AONB 

Business name (name of lead applicant)
Dan Cooke

Town (location)

Summary of proposal inc. proposed outputs
Giant Hogweed Eradication Project

Objective 1. To survey, monitor and record the presence of giant hogweed (in the Tamar Catchment) throughout the main growing season April to September 2023, making three passes through the project area,

Objective 2. To assess the status and distribution of giant hogweed and treat appropriately, either chemical treatment or digging up the roots and disposing of the plants appropriately in order to eventually eradicate giant hogweed from the catchment,

Objective 3. Promote success of project and share project outcomes through various means to encourage stakeholder awareness and engagement in the issue of giant hogweed and other NNIS in the landscape. 

Objective 4. Use findings of 2023 survey and control programme to inform and update planning of 2024 programme and long-term surveillance of giant hogweed whilst the seed source may remain viable in the catchment’s soils.

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